Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cheese crackers and Chocolate eclairs

Have been too busy too make new miniatures lately :( But anyway, here are some cheese crackers and chocolate eclairs for you to enjoy! 

The cheese crackers were harder to make than it looks... I did spend quite an amount of time working on them. What to do, they are only 4.5mm in diameter! :)

Chocolate eclairs :) They're about 9mm long, and were much easier to make than the cheese crackers.

I apologise for such a brief and rushed post. School has been very busy and I have hardly any time to make new miniatures, so this post was done in a hurry :(

Friday, 13 January 2012


Recently I made some profiteroles, which are also known as cream puffs to some, in miniature! I made two which plain icing sugar, and another two with chocolate drizzle. Once again, I have forgotten to measure the diameter of the profiterole, so I have no idea how to demonstrate the size of it. Hmm I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking. :)

    Group shots!

   Chocolate profiteroles

    Plain powdered sugar profiteroles


Here's a tutorial on how to make the profiteroles... It's the first tutorial I've ever made so feel free to give me some comments and tips for improvement :) Hope you like it!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Fruit Tarts

A few days back, FINALLY got my stuff! My most beloved clay toolbox was finally delivered to my doorstep :') So immediately after we packed our things I started on my miniatures :) I decided to make some fruit tarts because for some reason I had this strong urge to do so. 

During my flight to Toronto, I must have lost my camera charger in Dubai airport. It must have been a blessing in disguise. When our shipment came, my dad gave me his camera! :) The pictures below are all taken with his/my new camera. They're brilliant aren't they? Here's a photo spammage to make up for the months of being clay-deprived.

 Strawberry tart, Mango tart, Kiwi tart

The colours are much more vivid and the picture quality is much better!

 Loving the sharpness of the pictures. Makes the fruit tarts look much more appealing and ready-to-eat.

 I forgot to measure the diameter of the tarts... I think it's around 6-7mm..?

The strawberry tarts are actually my least favourite out of the three. The strawberries don't look realistic at all. Maybe the tip is a tad bit too round... And there seems to be an oddness about the seed parts... Hmm...

 Not happy at all with my strawberry tarts :(

The mango tarts are my favourite. But then again, they were the easiest to make. 

Love the blueberry detail on top!

The mangoes look so fresh and juicy... Mmm...

Prior to making the kiwi tarts, I actually made a kiwi cane. It was a huge failure though... :'( Wasted me a whole lot of clay. However, Slicing the kiwi cane into smaller pieces like these covered up the mistakes in the cane so it was alright :)

The two tarts on the left were the original ones I made. Then I decided that much could be improved on, so I made two new ones. See the difference? The improved ones have a neater tart base, and the the colour of the kiwi looks more realistic. The colour on the older ones somehow looks...neon. so what I did was I coloured the flesh area of the kiwi with green chalk pastels, which changed the colour slightly. However this slight difference drastically enhanced the appearance of the overall tart :) In making miniatures, small changes really bring about huge differences. Heheh looking at this picture just brings me so much satisfaction >:)

 Didn't like the older ones so I pushed them aside >:)

 I'm quite happy with the results of this fruit tarts experiment, considering it was my first attempt at making fruit tarts. Well I guess that's enough photo spam for today. Will update more soon! :)